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HP Arize

HP Arize An iPad app to print custom 3D foot orthotics. Problem The client was looking to develop a mobile tool to automate the production of custom-made foot orthotics. The

Journal Métro

Métro Newspaper We display WordPress content in a native mobile app format. Problem Faced with the Covid-19 crisis and the environmental issue, the Journal Métro had to rethink the format



Flo-AddÉnergie We built an app so clients can manage home charging stations and use a public charging network. Problem The client had an aging mobile app that no longer met

Bluetooth Mesh Device Manager App

Bluetooth Mesh Device Manager Provision and manage emergency lighting and exit signs using the new Bluetooth Mesh technology. Problem The client had a tool adapted to Bluetooth Mesh technology to


Jmap Survey Facilitate the follow-up of public worksites for foremen. Problem When it comes to public contracts, it is difficult for a foreman to ensure progress in real time, and

Parcourir Laval

Parcourir Laval An interactive travel guide app for Cities looking to dynamize their activity. Problem The City of Laval was looking for a flexible and adapted solution for its citizens

INFO-Neige Montreal

INFO-neige Montreal A game changing snow removal parking app that impacts thousands of car drivers in Montreal. Problem The city of Montreal organized a public hackathon to develop a mobile


Aerial Taking an innovative wireless home security technology and turning it into a powerful and accessible home security app. Problem The startup Aerial has developed a wireless home security technology

Go Centre-Ville

Go Centre-ville Go Centre-Ville is powered by our Sidekick Tourism product, deployable under 2 weeks. A travel guide app with features such a walking route planner Problem The city of

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