A powerful mobile app, even years after initial launch.

Mobile application maintenance & optimization


We keep track of your application by developing your own data analysis and your app content management tools. Through proper application development and maintenance practices we provide you with a database and dashboard to collect, sort and use data generated by your users. The mobile app analytics tool tracks your app’s traffic with data from downloads, clicks, and navigation.

We believe in long-term partnerships. That’s why we take care not only of the maintenance, but also the optimization of your application. Your needs change and we work proactively to improve your application accordingly. These improvements are possible thanks to a well-documented and flexible source code. This is the guarantee of an efficient, optimized and sustainable application.

Application development and maintenance: what you need!

Launching the Application

We get your app up and running on all stores (Google Play & Apple Store). Users can find and download it directly on these platforms. We also work with private distribution services.

Data Collection

The data collected is accessible through a dedicated and customizable dashboard. Mobile App Analytics allows you to sort data and extract information relevant to your business.

Maintenance & Optimization

The development team responsible for your application development and maintenance updates your app and adds new features to keep it running efficiently, year after year.

Content Autonomy

We give you access to your app content management so that you can freely add or modify the content of your mobile application. With one click, you can add an image, edit text, and upload content.

Experts for the development and maintenance of your mobile application

After we have developed your native mobile app, and it has gone through strategizing, designing, development, and finally been deployed, our role as a mobile partner doesn’t end. While the creation leading to the launch of the app is intense, post-launch activities are just as crucial to an app’s long-term success. 

With Sidekick Interactive, you get 10 years of mobile development expertise and robust processes at our clients’ service.

Our all-in-one mobile application development and maintenance services, ensure that your app remains secure, reliable, and robust at all times. If issues arise, we proactively isolate and resolve them.

We put a lot of focus, time, and energy into two aspects, maintenance effort and performance optimization. Those actions are profoundly crucial for the long-term durability of your app and your performance in your industry.

Mobile application development and maintenance capabilities

While our maintenance specialists will fix any bug issues, a high percentage of maintenance efforts are spent on non-corrective actions. Rather than investing in new packaged applications, companies now look to improve existing business apps, including new functionalities to respond to business changes.

Our mobile maintenance services include:

  • Adaptive – adapting the software environment to changes
  • Perfective – making functional enhancements to the software
  • Corrective – fixing bugs and errors
  • Preventative – maintaining and preventing future problems

Mobile app monitoring

Mobile app monitoring is one of the most important post-launch services and is the one that will ensure that your app is running smoothly and providing a seamless user experience. Our dedicated mobile app developers handle monitoring tasks to ensure your app’s full functionality.

Monitoring services include

  • Server monitoring
  • Feedback monitoring
  • AppStore and Google Play Store monitoring
  • Performance and compatibility monitoring
  • Google Analytics/Firebase monitoring

Accessing mobile app analytics

Our mobile app maintenance services include data analysis and management, which require proper and regular maintenance and optimization. Using a dashboard, you can sort and extra any data generated by your app. Tracked data includes traffic, downloads and more.

App upgrades and maintenance

Mobile app maintenance plan is essential for its durability and productivity and to enhance the user experience. Our team of expert developers possess the skill set to make modifications without sacrificing the privacy settings and security of your app. 

Application upgrades include

  • Upgrade to the latest operating system version
  • Interface enhancement
  • Support new library version

When your app has been launched, having a reliable and dedicated team of developers is important to ensure the defined mobile app strategy is followed and the app’s user experience and quality are not affected. While our developers in charge of the application maintenance and optimization handle updates and upgrades, we will give you access to the content authority section, so you can modify images and text when you want and as often as you want. 

We maintained their solution

The team of Sidekick Interactive has been attentive to our needs and proposed a solution that respected our budget. The content manager is easy to use and allows us to offer a rich diversity of media content.
Véronique Claveau
Société d'histoire de la Rivière-du-Nord
Sidekick Tourism has been the perfect solution to turn our guided tours into a mobile application. The content manager is easy to use and the end result is splendid. A nice way to promote our city.
Jen Silliphant
City of Saint-John
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