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About Sidekick Interactive and our team.

We have an educational approach to the projects we undertake regardless of the sector of activity and the profile of our client.

We rely on our customers to incorporate us into their project by educating us about their market, company, goals and needs.

In return, we offer them complete transparency as well as the tools and keys to understand the mobile market, and thus make the right choices for the development of their native mobile application.

That’s how, for 10 years, we have been building our partnerships around the world.

Our Values

Learn from you

Each project is unique. We first learn from our customers to better understand their expectations. That’s why we can not offer quotes until you know your needs clearly.

Boost your market

Because we control all stages of the project, we can meet your specific needs. Our native mobile applications are therefore, above all, relevant and impactful solutions for your company.

Anticipate your needs

In parallel with your project, our team is constantly working on new digital solutions internally, deployable later for your interest and to grow your applications.

Accelerate the product launch

Our process is the result of 10 years of experience in the mobile application market. We anticipate potential problems to streamline development and accelerate the launch and marketing of your product.

Co-founders Speak Out at Sidekick’s 10th Anniversary

"Our strength lies in our open-mindedness and willingness to learn."
Gregory Cerallo, Co-Founder
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