Design the mobile user experience within a functional mobile app prototype.

Mobile Application Design Services


When it comes to the mobile application design and development process, we know that the design interface and the mobile user experience are two key success factors for creating engagement. It is thus important to test them upstream to ensure their quality.

Our UX / UI specialists therefore create a prototype of a functional mobile application. The user experience, as well as the user interface, is optimized to offer a smooth and intuitive navigation. This interactive prototype allows you to access a simulation of your mobile application as if it were already developed.

Our mobile app prototyping process encompasses all parts of your application from the user interface to the design stage of the app logo. Our team works to create custom and native mobile applications that reflect the image and values of your company.

In addition, our experts are always on the lookout for the latest trends in the industry to make the user experience even more immersive while respecting the ergonomics and fluidity of your application.

What do you need for a custom mobile app?

An App Which Fits Your Company

We work with you during the design and development of your mobile application to create an interface that transcribes your branding. The mobile application is your project, so our team ensures that it respects your values and business objectives.

An Interactive Prototype

Our UX / UI experts create a simulation of your mobile application. This is created through our mobile app prototyping process, in which you can navigate freely and run usability testing, all without having a line of code written.

An Immersive User Experience

We always build your application from the users’ point of view to satisfy their preferences and habits.

Optimized Development

The prototypes of the mobile applications we develop during the design phase allow us to anticipate potential technical constraints and ensure an effective app development.

Experts for the custom design and development of your mobile application

An interactive mobile app prototype

Once you have finished building and defining a pre-strategy for your mobile app, our UX and UI experts will start working on the custom mobile app design process of your finished product with a problem-solving approach.

An app with a good UX/UI interface leads to further engagement from users with your brand. This is the stage in the mobile application design and development process where you will conceive the design guidelines of your app. This will become your final blueprint for developers to use when building and developing your custom app.

Sidekick Interactive, as an experienced mobile app design and development company, offers a strong 10 years of development expertise in creating engaging iOS and Android mobile apps for its customers. Our experienced UI and UX designers provide high value-added mobile app design services and are there to make the user experience enjoyable and seamless to increase engagement.

Mobile application design and development: prototyping

Optimizing a prototype for the app development process defines the final product. This is the last step before the mobile app design project moves on to the technical development stage. It allows our design team to better understand your business processes and to start narrowing in on the specifics of your company.

Prototyping also allows you to test a simulation of how the app will function after it has been developed. It sets the framework for the end product and will require your regular input.

Our professional UX/UI designers are experienced in mobile application design and development and prototyping for iOS and Android mobile apps. All the while respecting the principles of usability, they take care of also noting your business requirements. You benefit from a development team with knowledge of the latest market trends to ensure an immersive and seamless app that matches the image and value of your company.

Advantages of prototyping in mobile app development

Creating mobile app prototypes helps the development process in advance, reducing the chances of errors, confusion, and wasted costs.

  • Detects and eliminates any major misunderstandings between clients and developers
  • Helps clarify technical specifications before development
  • Clickable prototypes test the idea of a project before starting the more intensive and expensive tasks like coding and quality assuranc

Creating a paper app prototype

Paper prototypes are simple layouts, used during mobile application design and development, that help visualize what the final product will look like. At this stage, you will meet with our team of developers to draft a simple visual of the app. However, it is at this point that the basics of the mobile prototype are agreed upon. 

Creating an interactive app prototype

Interactive clickable prototypes allow you to explore the different functionalities of your future application and how it will interact with users. It helps you navigate the app to see the user experience and how to improve the UX design.

 The prototyping step is crucial in mobile application development, as it is at this time that potential issues are detected. Identifying problems at this stage is vital to avoid having these issues brought over into the development process. To see examples of custom-made interface mobile app, discover our successful projects.

We designed their mobile app

We have created with Sidekick’s team a prototype of our mobile application integrating that integrated our expectations in terms of UX and UI. It's amazing to be able to navigate your application without having it fully developed beforehand, and to be able to test and approve all of your choices before the development stage.
Mathieu Rozon
The prototype we co-created was a great help in making sure our project was going in the right direction. This interactive tool also allowed us to raise funds more easily because we could present the application to investors, who could take it in hand and test it directly with the prototype.
Colby Oitment
McMaster University
mock up 
your mobile app.