Let's define an effective mobile strategy that optimizes your app development costs.

Many digital projects fail because of a misunderstanding of business models or markets, or a poor assessment of goals.

As a consulting partner, we bring value to all stages of project management. We help you identify the right objectives and together we develop a mobile app requirements document that will bring out the highest return on investment. To do this, we have developed co-creation workshops.

These workshops allow you to construct a complete plan for your digital project, from the identification of your needs to the construction of the look and feel of your future mobile application. You know your project and we know how to turn it into a powerful mobile solution.

We know that a well-established mobile strategy means better anticipated development and therefore more agility. That’s why each development need identified is validated by our team of experts to ensure the implementation time and identify risks and unknowns, and thus optimize your app development cost.

What you need


A Product Strategy

We make sure that your mobile strategy is aligned with your original goals and that your app delivers real value.


A Precise Calendar

The workshop is an opportunity for our team to understand the workload associated with your project and, thus, to set up a plan which optimizes the development time and your app development cost.


A Detailed Brief

We retranscribe the content of the workshop in a clear, complete and accurate mobile app requirements document to ensure that the specifications of your mobile app remain our guideline for the entire development of your project.


An Involved Team

Our experts share and work with you to understand your project. A fully involved and passionate team leads to a successful project.

We co-created their mobile app

Buy bus fares and improve the customer experience.
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Accompany and help people in suicidal crisis, through mental health support.
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Sidekick's experts have been able to guide us in our mobile strategy, taking into account all factors, to ensure the best user experience for our customers. During the workshop, everyone was able to integrate their skills for the benefit of the project, which allowed us to push the project further.
Sébastien Boudrias
Limocar/Transdev Canada
The working day with the Sidekick team was extremely stimulating. It allowed a great freedom in the creation of ideas, extracting the expertise of each one and juggling with the methods of brainstorming. This demonstrated once again that collective intelligence always generates more results than individual expertise.
Pierrich Plusquellec
University of Montreal
your mobile app.