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Mobile application development services


Our team is specialized in mobile app development services, as well as server backends and web interfaces to support these apps. Depending on the scope, a mobile application can be much more complex than the end user app that is installed on the device, it can also include server side logic such as a database, media storage, an API, third-party integration, and push notifications.

Furthermore, a CMS (content management system) is often needed in order to easily modify the content of an app, without needing to redeploy it. At Sidekick, our team of experts can develop all these aspects. With such diverse skill sets all under one roof, it allows us to ensure a fluid and optimized project delivery from start to finish.

After the technical development stage, our testers will perform a rigorous quality assurance process. We perform a series of tests, from code reviews, performance testing, and UI validation, to ensure the performance of your mobile application and the fluidity of the user experience before delivery. This also includes internal alpha and beta releases for you to try out, before releasing your app to the general public.

Miscommunication can easily occur, and can be the cause of a lot of delays and wasted time.  Therefore throughout the development phase of your mobile application we plan regular touchpoints, along with detailed reports. This allows for transparent and continuous communication of your project to make sure everything advances efficiently.

What is needed for the development of your mobile app?


Optimal Development

With almost 10 years of experience as a mobile application development company, we have shaped a unique and efficient mobile app development model and process. We can therefore anticipate development-related contingencies to save time.

A Qualified Team

To ensure the robustness of our native mobile apps, our “back-end” and “front-end” experts follow a rigorous testing protocol for both iOS and Android platforms.

Cost Control

We identify development risks and unknowns upstream to eliminate slowdowns related to unexpected technical issues. This allows us to respect your budget.


A Transparent Process

We write detailed reports to track the progress of your mobile app development project. In addition, you’ll benefit from regular discussions with your project manager.

Learn more about our mobile app development services and methods

Our team of consultants specializes in creating native mobile applications, including iOS and Android mobile app development services. Our solutions can work across all platforms and operating systems. With Sidekick Interactive, designing your custom mobile app means investing in building innovative and responsive design and mobile app solutions. Our goal is to empower our client’s brand to enhance their business growth in the online mobile market.

We lead the entire development process from beginning to end. We accompany you from mobile strategy and realization to the creative design stage and eventually to future-proofing and ongoing maintenance and support services. Mobile application development services include:

  • Product strategy
  • Customized native app development
  • Cross-platform app development
  • User interface/User Experience design for intuitive interfaces
  • Prototyping
  • Robust QA testing
  • Maintenance and post-launch support

Native iOS app development

With years of experience in providing iOS mobile apps development services, we only invest in tools and software we trust. We take advantage of the numerous accessible device features and capabilities possible when developing on iOS platforms. Through best practices, we can create custom apps for mobile devices that will enhance the user experience and generate ROI.

Native Android app development

To develop high-performance Android apps, Sidekick Interactive uses fast and innovative tools and mobile app development platform to create interactive and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. With emerging app technologies, our android development teams have built beautiful and robust Android apps that establish brand presence and deliver results.

Implementation of a content management system for mobile apps

When developing, content management is essential to ensure a good and seamless user experience that improves engagement. A content management system (CMS) functionality allows developers to modify content within the app without needing to redeploy continuously. Our app development company has the tools and skills to develop and modify a CMS for your mobile application to ensure an optimized final project.

We help you implement data management and analysis technologies to meet the requirements of your app. Each CMS offers specific iOS and Android features, including powerful search engine optimization-friendly tools to gain visibility and bring in traffic. With each customer interaction, you will be able to generate data reports and user statistics to use for your marketing efforts.

Our expert mobile app developers have several CMS systems to choose from. We will make decisions based on the specific needs of your app. Some aspects we keep in mind include the ability to integrate an intelligent workflow and choosing a system that allows for maximum scalability. Sidekick Interactive’s mobile app development team can easily develop all these features.

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When collaborating with Sidekick Interactive, you benefit from 10 years of app development experience and successful products in various industries from a development and design team that guarantees transparency and agile product development methodologies. So you can be involved in every step of the development process from mobile app strategy and product design to mobile app development

Our app development experts have created a singular and methodical mobile app development process. We seek to increase and optimize your mobile app’s performance, do not hesitate to reach our teams about your project.. Moreover, our extensive experience allows us to anticipate future problems and find solutions before they become major obstacles, making us a reliable long-term partner for all your mobile solution needs.

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A competent team, offering modern and innovative customized mobile application development services. I highly recommend Sidekick for their work and professionalism.
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