Let's develop your custom native mobile app.

Our team is specialized in the development of native mobile applications, as well as server backends and web interfaces to support these apps. Depending on the scope, a mobile application can be much more complex than the end user app that is installed on the device, it can also include server side logic such as a database, media storage, an API, third-party integration, and push notifications.

Furthermore, a CMS (content management system) is often needed in order to easily modify the content of an app, without needing to redeploy it. At Sidekick, our team of experts can develop all these aspects, and with this diverse skill set all under one roof, it allows us to ensure a fluid and optimized project delivery from start to finish.

After the technical development, our testers will perform a rigorous quality assurance process. We perform a series of tests, from code reviews, performance testing, and UI validation, to ensure the performance of your mobile application and the fluidity of the user experience before delivery. This also includes internal alpha and beta releases for you to try out, before releasing your app to the general public.

Miscommunication can easily occur, and can be the cause of a lot of delays and wasted time, therefore throughout the development phase of your mobile application we plan regular touchpoints, along with detailed reports, for transparent and continuous communication of your project to make sure everything advances in an efficient manner.

What you need


Optimal Development

With almost 10 years of experience, we have shaped a unique and efficient mobile app development process. We can therefore anticipate development-related contingencies to save time.


A Qualified Team

To ensure the robustness of our native mobile apps, our “back-end” and “front-end” experts follow a rigorous testing protocol for both iOS and Android platforms.


Cost Control

We identify development risks and unknowns upstream to eliminate slowdowns related to unexpected technical issues. This allows us to respect your budget.


A Transparent Process

We write detailed reports to track the progress of your mobile app development project, in addition to regular discussions with your project manager.

We developed their mobile app

You MaWo
Create custom glasses with a 3D facial scan.
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Optimize the parking of vehicles during snow removal operations.
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The Sidekick Interactive team is very competent, they have understood our needs and have become trusted partners in our technological development.
Kevin Miron
A competent team, offering modern and innovative customized applications. I highly recommend Sidekick for their work and professionalism.
Tourist Office of Luberon
your mobile app.