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Mobile App Development Experts

Our app development experts help you build a connection with your customers through an interactive and immersive mobile application.

Mobile apps allow you to engage with your audience and enhance both user experience and client engagement. Building a solid mobile application can increase your revenue, build brand loyalty, and allow for greater visibility amongst your users. Sidekick Interactive’s mobile app development team takes your vision and turns it into a customized application to help you surpass your business goals and increase your online presence in the mobile world.

With in-house specialists, designers, and developers in Montreal, you will have access to a full team of experts to provide the best mobile app development services. We will accompany you throughout the mobile app development process from conception to post-launch maintenance to ensure a final and seamless mobile experience for you and your users.

Native app development experts for any mobile device

As trusted app development experts, Sidekick Interactive possesses the skills and knowledge to create innovative, efficient, and scalable app solutions for iOS apps and Android apps.

We advise and accompany you throughout the entire development process and follow an agile development methodology. From strategizing your idea to designing and developing, we work with you to bring your vision to life. Our experienced app development experts actively collaborate with you to take your ideas and turn them into engaging mobile applications.

We provide creative design and develop applications for various mobile architectures. Our expert team is able to:

  • build native IOS mobile apps using Swift, specifically SwiftUI 3
  • build native mobile Android apps using Kotlin
  • work with .Net, Angular and the Microsoft Cloud Azure environments for back-end, web and cloud applications


Swift allows our app development experts to write apps for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It uses a modern approach to safety, performance, speed and software design patterns. This makes it a powerful and appreciated tool amongst developers.

Learn more about Swift


Kotlin is a modern programming language used by professionals looking to write better and faster Android apps. Kotlin helps boost productivity by allowing developers to create apps quickly and spend less time on code development, leading to fewer errors. 

Learn more about Kotlin


.Net was developed by Microsoft and is an open-source platform for building several Window-based types of applications for mobile, desktop, cloud, gaming, and more. The platform supports programming language, tools, libraries, and various applications. We use .Net to write our back-ends that power our databases, APIs, and connect to our mobile apps.


Angular is an open-source framework developed by Google and is known for its enhanced scalability and accelerated development process. Thanks to its efficiency and out-of-the-box development tools, it helps app development experts build interactive and dynamic single-page apps.

Azure Development & infrastructure

Our team handles everything from portfolio management to subscription maintenance. So you can be assured that your apps are optimized for high performance on Azure cloud app development platforms.

  • Expertise in Microsoft Azure platforms for end-to-end development and architecture solutions
  • Uses advanced cloud technology solutions like App Services, Serverless Functions, Azure Automation, and Cosmos DB for efficiency
  • Integrated DevOps processes

Creating mobile solutions requires working with a rigorous development process mindset partner. The development procedure is intense and time-consuming if specific steps aren’t followed or if communication is lacking. As trusted app development experts, we’ve designed a mobile app development project methodology to ensure we maximize costs and timeline.

Defining a mobile strategy

With a forward-thinking approach, we work with you to develop the right strategy for your brand, to prepare for a successful launch of your iOS or Android mobile app.

UX/UI concept and design

Our experienced and cross-functional team will create a responsive design interface that reflects your brand to make an interactive app and impact engagement with your user.

Architecture development

We adhere to the agile software development methodology to ensure timely results and avoid any setbacks during the development process. We develop backend systems and advanced features and run all the necessary quality checks to maximize your app.

Long-term maintenance and optimization

We offer innovative and proactive post-launch maintenance services. We distribute your product onto the market and proactively take charge to perform updates or fix bugs.

Why customers choose Sidekick Interactive for their mobile development projects

As a mobile application development company, we make it a priority to connect regularly with our clients during the implementation phase. We use these meetings to ensure that the project is advancing as it should be. When you collaborate with the app development experts at Sidekick Interactive, you’re creating a valuable long-term partnership. We are a company known for its transparencyprofessionalism, and profound experience in app development projects.

Some of the reasons we stand out with our clients

  • Four-step agile methodology
  • Focus on transparency and communication with our clients
  • An in-house and consistent delivery team of front-end and back-end experts
  • Comprehensive quality assurance testing before product launch
  • Proven track record of successful mobile app project delivery
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization support

Quality software testing and automation

Sidekick Interactive only uses quality software that we trust and can rely on for the entire development process. During the agile process, manually testing would prolong the project timeline. We, therefore, rely on trusted automated testing tools, which are essential for fast and accurate quality assurance.

  • Define and implement test strategies internally
  • Faster release of updates and features to market
  • Allow QA teams to focus on UX rather than fixing bugs and errors

Get started on your app development projects 

As highly respected and innovative expert mobile app developers, our portfolio and expertise in several industries demonstrate our ability to yield results. If you’re looking to conceptualize an Android and iOS app development project, do not hesitate to reach our team. We can design and develop the perfect solution, solving real world business problems. Our experienced app development experts can deliver far beyond your expectations.

your mobile app.