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Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth mesh technology is changing the game for mobile app development. By integrating Bluetooth mesh into native mobile apps, developers can create a network of devices that communicate with each other, allowing for seamless data exchange and control. With a native mobile app, users can interact with these devices using their smartphones, creating a truly integrated and convenient experience. Bluetooth mesh technology can be used to control a range of devices, from smart home devices to industrial equipment, and provides a reliable and secure way to connect devices. The versatility of this technology makes it an exciting addition to mobile app development, allowing businesses to create innovative solutions that enhance the user experience and differentiate their offerings in a competitive market.

Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Mesh Connectivity Challenges With Android

Launched in July 2017 officially, the Bluetooth mesh technology is an addition to the Internet of Things connectivity and networking space. Bluetooth has been a mainstay in short-range connectivity for tablets, consumer electronics, and smartphones. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has always delivered tools and specifications that offer multi-vendor, global compatibility.

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