Custom mobile app development services for Businesses

Our expertise in the Medtech industry aims at improving the user’s quality of life, optimize the productivity of health professionals and facilitate the training of medical staff.

We create applications to support both users and healthcare professionals.

We facilitate communication between our customers and their users through powerful UX / UI design and mobile solutions that respect the security and legal constraints specific to this market.

The 3D Structure Sensor, developed by our partner Occipital, is a powerful tool for iPads. It is accessible to both professionals and the general public.

We develop robust mobile applications that use this 3D scanner and ensure precise, automatic measurement of objects, people and spaces.

The files generated are easily exportable from the application to simplify your industrial processes. This 3D Scanner technology by Structure Sensor is integrated into the chain of production of many sectors, from Medtech to construction to education.

Integrated Management Applications

Improve the performance and productivity of teams within a company through integrated management platforms and interactive and powerful dashboards.

We create applications and software integrated to our client’s management tools to better manage resources and increase their productivity levels and performance.

Thanks to customized platforms and dashboards, we can propose solutions adapted to each structure to consult, visualize and manage sets of resources and data. These solutions can be easily integrated into the various software and business management tools to facilitate their adoption and use.


After thorough study, we have developed a solution that meets the needs and expectations of the tourism sector.

Our tourism applications are equipped with essential features such as interactive maps, geolocation, offline navigation and the possibility of instantly adding videos and images.

These applications integrate a content management tool so that our customers can customize and modify their content themselves. Secure, reliable and turnkey, our applications are deployable in 2 to 4 weeks.

We offer functional applications to meet the expectations of construction professionals, especially in terms of productivity.

We help our customers answer the main process-optimization challenges of the sector, from the design of plans to their realization onsite, and foster better communication among the different actors on the same site.

These applications facilitate access to data (documents, reports, 3D models), enabling construction stakeholders to better control their resources and deadlines.

"Through time and experience we’ve developed a methodology that allows us to take on any project. Our talented and knowledgeable team, and our desire to offer the best to our clients, has become expert in very specific and technical areas."
Gregory Cerallo, Cofounder
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