Client : Aerial


The client developed a revolutionary technology to use the WiFi wireless signals already existing within a given space to detect activity and movements. This system transforms this motion into data. This data is very scientific and the client wanted to optimize it for easy, interactive reading and allow potential customers to visualize this technology in a personalized way.


We developed a new custom interface that allows the user to easily configure the housing parameters and connect to nearby wireless devices. The user is therefore notified in real time when an activity is detected. Also, thanks to the machine-learning engine and algorithms, the user can identify at a glance when there is motion within the premises. This tool is ideal to concretely demonstrate the Aerial solution’s capabilities.

Strong Points

  • An intuitive and simple interface for easy use and setup
  • An innovative tool that can be personalized and adapted to each situation (security of premises, safety of people, follow-up of plan,...)
  • A solution that does not require additional equipment and optimizes the data already available at a specific location