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Precise body scanner app to increase the productivity levels of medical professionals.


The client wanted to market custom orthotics using a body scanner app that was both efficient and financially accessible.

The client wanted to develop a tool for health partners to easily digitize joints.

The goal was to find a less expensive and more accessible alternative to scanning booths while remaining easy to use for partners.

The 3D renderings had to be precise enough to be directly transmitted to the production team to make custom orthotics.



We have developed a body scanner app for iPad based on the technology of Occipital’s structure sensor. This tool can generate accurate measurement files of different parts of the body and joints.

The 3D Structure Sensor scanner has allowed us to develop an intuitive, efficient and flexible application at a lower cost. The application, developed initially to scan joints, has evolved and now allows the scanning of multiple body parts (spine, plexus …).

The files generated by the application perfectly transcribe the scanned body part. The production team thus gains in precision, and therefore in productivity, when producing orthoses.

“The challenge for iBrace has been to develop a tablet application that can be adapted with the 3D Structure Sensor SDK scanner. It was necessary to make this tool very powerful and easy to use for health professionals. As of today, this application brings a real gain of productivity thanks to its precision.”

Alexandre Boyer-Laporte
iOS Developer
Sidekick Interactive

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