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Jmap Survey

Facilitate the follow-up of public worksites for foremen.


When it comes to public contracts, it is difficult for a foreman to ensure progress in real time, and thus make sure that the service provider is respecting the contract.

When it comes to managing public contracts, it is often difficult for the foreman to keep up with all the work that takes place in a city.

Ensuring contractors’ compliance with contracts to ensure delivery on time is a challenge. However, it is essential to exercise penalties associated with contracts if the work does not respect the deadlines.

The goal for K2 was to develop a tool to effectively monitor the progress of public contracts.



We have developed an application for Smartphone and Tablet so that projects are accessible anywhere, by different actors, regardless of the network coverage.

The application we have developed simplifies the work of the foremen when entering data in the field.

The application allows you to view and query all map layers and works with or without a network connection.

It is also possible to create objects and forms associated with your layers, including all their components, and to use them with Jmap Survey without modification.

“The Jmap Survey application was entirely designed to answer the performance problems of the teams in the field. A digital tool is the guarantee that all the players use the same technology, the same support, in order to standardize the communication between the different services and, above all, to be much faster and more efficient in the follow-up of the construction sites.”

Gregory Cerallo
Sidekick Interactive

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