3D-Scan: The Next Generation of Size and Fit

An iPhone App that performs 3D scans of feet

3D-Scan: The Next Generation of Size and Fit

Get the right shoe size the first time (and every time after that too)

The Next Generation of Size and Fit

Returns: the final frontier (of ecommerce).  Since Amazon launched in Canada more than 20 years ago, we have seen software and processes optimize virtually every aspect of online purchases.  From product recommendation to 1-click purchases, same day delivery and virtual closets, never have consumers been offered so many tools to buy online, confidently, and securely.  That is, until it’s time to return items.

A long-held taboo of brick-and-mortar retail, returns have now become an integral part of the online buying journey, with nearly 25% of online purchases being returned, compared to 8% in brick-and-mortar.  Chief among them is the apparel and footwear category where the percentage of online purchases returned jumps to 35-40%.

Returns have not only become a major part of the eCommerce buying journey, but they are also a major (and expensive) headache for retail executives who are already struggling with inflation, lower consumer confidence and shrinking margins.  

Impact of Returns on eCommerce Business

Despite a multiplicity of tools available on the market, size and fit remains by far the leading reason why online purchases are returned.

To Boldly Go

Complex problems require bold solutions.  Enter 3D LiDAR scanning technology (and TrueDepth Sensors on Apple devices – Learn more about how iOS devices perform 3D-scans ).  Developed for the purpose of obtaining highly precise foot measurements to produce medical/sport orthotics, Sidekick’s 3D foot scanning tool was instrumental in assisting podiatrists and clinicians worldwide reduce time and costs to produce high quality orthotics leveraging only the standard camera on an iPhone or iPad. 

Now, we have made this technology available to retailers to help reduce returns and enhance customer experience.  Meet Kickscan, the next generation of size and fit tool for online retailers. 

Leveraging LiDAR technology, Kickscan allows would be purchasers to get a precise foot measurement and covert it to regular shoe sizes for several brands in seconds, ensuring a proper fit with every online purchase. 

Kickscan leverages medical-grade foot scanning technology to provide online shoppers with exact shoe measurements, allowing for more confident purchases and reduced returns. 

An iPhone App that performs 3D scans of feet

By seamlessly integrating Kickscan within the buyer journey, retailers can drastically reduce their return rate on footwear purchases while enhancing customer experience.

Engage Your Customers with Better Size and Fit

Not only are size and fit related returns an issue for retailers, but they are also a major pain point for customers.  60% of online shoppers mention that they cannot find the right size and fit without resorting to bracketing.  Bracketing is the practice of purchasing the same item in several different sizes only to keep the one fitting item and return the others.  

This practice is both disastrous for retail margins but also an undesirable, unpleasant customer experience.  

Even with all the tools currently available, online shoppers still struggle with size and fit.

Leveraging 3D technology has already proven apt at reducing returns in other product categories such as eyewear (augmented reality and 3D try-ons), furniture and many others.   Now Kickscan brings its unique, proprietary 3D scanning technology to the footwear category, backed by years of success in producing high-end, medical grade scans worldwide without the need for any hardware other than an iPhone or iPad Pro device.

As eCommerce continues to evolve and customers look for better, faster, and more accurate shopping experiences, Lidar-based scanners provide a new opportunity for retailers to reduce returns and improve margins with minimal customer friction.

Enhanced Customer Experience with Minimal Friction

As we move forward into an era of enhanced digital commerce, developments in AI, 3D scanning, augmented reality and spatial computing are pushing the limits of the art of the possible, bringing to life new and seamless experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping experiences in ways that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago.

As we continue to see innovations gain traction, one thing remains however, providing consumers with a seamless, fast, and enjoyable shopping experience will always be the best way to ensure retail success.




About the author:  Mathieu Lachapelle is Vice-President Innovation and Commercialization at Sidekick Interactive.  With over 20 years of experience in digital product management, sales and innovation, Mathieu has successfully deployed large scale digital solutions across many industries including eCommerce, media, classifieds, loyalty, education, and logistics.  Mathieu’s focus is on leveraging technology to solve human pain points in commercial interactions.