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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services and tools for mobile app development. With Azure, developers can easily integrate mobile app development, data storage, and authentication services into their native mobile apps. In addition, Azure provides a range of powerful tools and frameworks, such as Xamarin and Visual Studio, that simplify the development process and help create exceptional apps optimized for performance and security. Overall, Azure has become an essential platform for mobile app development, providing developers with the resources they need to create high-quality native mobile apps that meet the needs of today’s mobile users.

Microsoft Azure

Making Snow Removal Easier for Citizens Through Azure and Mobile Apps

Sidekick Interactive has worked with the city of Montreal to developed native mobile apps for citizens living in the city to receive reliable and timely notifications about snow removal operations. The INFO-Snow app was built using native iOS and Android technologies, Swift and Kotlin, and is powered by an Azure back end. Citizens can quickly get up-to-date information through push notifications that are sent directly to the native mobile app.

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