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Revolutionize medical learning with a gamification app for medical students, professors and professionals.


A team of doctors was looking for a playful and interactive way to accompany medical students in the study of the spine. The SpinED team wanted to develop a learning alternative, lighter and more captivating.

The field of study of the spine, although rich and complex, offered no interactive and fun learning tool for students, researchers and professionals.

We knew what the objectives were, but the doctors did not know what digital tools were at their disposal to achieve these objectives.



We have developed a medical learning app prototype that includes all the features needed to study, test and progress in multiple areas of medical studies, including the spinal column.

After studying, analyzing and sorting out the different possibilities, we presented a medical learning app prototype filling the gaps in the range of existing study tools.

We designed a fun learning app for medical students and professionals based on gamification. The user has access to specific case studies, multiple choice questions and a dashboard to view his progress.

The users can learn, test themselves, identify their strengths and weaknesses and compare their results with those of other students.

“The SpinED application is all about new learning opportunities with today’s digital tools, offering interactive modules where traditional tools lack dynamism and impact. Beyond the fun aspect of the application, it remains a very technical, reliable and complete support to accompany all actors in the medical study.”

Gregory Cerallo
Sidekick Interactive

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