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Provide meaningful mental health support to people facing suicidal crisis.


A mental health app to help suicidal people had already been developed but was obsolete, and the number of downloads was constantly diminishing.

Ten people commit suicide in Canada every day. Even if these figures are decreasing, the situation remains worrisome. This is what prompted Dr. Réal Labelle to create, with the Axel Center, a tool to inform, equip and protect the suicidal patient outside the therapist’s office.

The purpose of the existing mental health app was clear, but the user experience was not intuitive and did not meet the expectations of the targeted people. The tool was therefore abandoned by users.



We built an efficient mental health app that works as a mental health support digital tool, to accompany and help people facing suicidal crisis.

For a whole day, our team met with mental health professionals to redefine and restructure the existing application. We made the choice to start on a completely new model to avoid being influenced by the previous version of the application.

During the workshop, we were able to extract all the expected objectives to offer the best user experience thanks to powerful features.

“The real challenge of this application has been to completely rethink the existing user journey to allow people in suicidal crisis to be able to get help very quickly and in the most intuitive way, especially in emergency situations.”

Madeline Verchère
UX Designer
Sidekick Interactive

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