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Parcourir Laval

An interactive travel guide app for Cities looking to dynamize their activity.


The City of Laval was looking for a flexible and adapted solution for its citizens and tourists to give access to the heritage information and thematic routes of the city.

With more than 420,000 residents and 730,000 tourists a year, the city of Laval was looking for a digital solution consistent with user mobility and flexible enough to allow the city to manage content in real time.

The challenge was thus twofold: to propose an application to inform citizens of activities in the city, and to show cultural places to tourists in the form of a walking route planner solution.

Also, the solution had to be interactive so as not to fall into the trap of simply being a tourist guide frozen in digital format.



We have deployed our customizable Sidekick Tourism solution for the city of Laval, including key features and a client-specific CMS to modify the content of their travel guide app in real time.

Our Sidekick Tourism solution is a customizable product that the city of Laval has been able to appropriate.

This native Android and iOS travel guide application allows the city to broadcast its own content and edit it through a dedicated content manager. The city can work as a walking route planner with several points of interest according to certain themes.

The application includes essential features that can replace the city’s printouts to provide a more immersive experience.

“Parcourir Laval is a perfect blend of history and new technologies that allows tourists to discover the attractions of the city in a different and attractive way. This type of product fits perfectly with the objectives of a smart and modern city.”

Benoit Collette
City of Laval

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