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INFO-neige Montreal

A game changing snow removal parking app that impacts thousands of car drivers in Montreal.


The city of Montreal organized a public hackathon to develop a mobile application to better communicate with citizens on snow removal operations in Montréal, and thus avoid towing cars.

Every year, thousands of drivers are impacted by snow storms and the snow removal operations of the city of Montreal.

In order to keep streets passable, the snow removal operations forces the city to tow many cars to make room for the snowplows. To maximize its productivity during these operations, the city wanted to develop an application to better communicate with its citizens on snow removal schedules and progress.

A hackathon was organized to propose the most appropriate application. Nearly 80 developers and development agencies accepted the challenge.



We won the hackathon by developing a simple and effective snow removal app that works with open city data and intuitive color coding. Citizens can now save targeted places to receive notifications, helping them to better plan their parking.

Our snow removal app was designed according to how a driver would use it. We wanted the application to be as uncluttered as possible for outdoor use during a snowstorm.

We therefore focused our development around simplicity of use and clarity of content. The user can directly access his current position, those previously recorded and, since the winter of 2019, report poorly cleared places.

This clean approach, keeping only essential features, allowed us to offer an efficient and very intuitive mobile application which won us 1st prize.

“A must-have in the city!”

Alexandre M.
App user

“Thanks to INFO-Neige my car is not towed anymore. Thank you!

Salim F.
App user

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