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We built an app so clients can manage home charging stations and use a public charging network.


The client had an aging mobile app that no longer met the expectations of electric vehicle owners. The technology used was not adapted and limited the company in its mobile choices.

Without a modern native mobile app, it was very difficult for FLO and its customers to interact with the system.

End-customers had to use cards preloaded with cash, and managing cards and credits was tedious. Also, the registration of new customers, whether for the use of public terminals or charging stations at home, was complicated and very manual.

The tools in place were beginning to show their limits and no longer met the changing needs of electric car owners and the growth of the business.

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We decided to develop a brand new tool that offers a wide range of possibilities and features. We have created a complete, intuitive and easy to use mobile tool.

We decided to start with a brand-new native application for the iOS and Android platform.

Thanks to co-creation workshops, we were able to build an efficient and effective tool that meets all the objectives of users and the company. The user path has been completely redesigned to meet the new needs of users. The goal was to ensure a simple and accessible experience.

Our development team worked in collaboration with the client’s team which was developing its backend in parallel with our development.

“FLO mobile app is a perfect example of our ability to adapt to any situation. We were coding the app on both iOS and Android platforms while the client was developing its back-end in-house. An additional challenge that we overcame!”

Alexandre Boyer-Laporte
iOS Development Lead

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