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Car2Go Snow

Using Info-Neige MTL and a vehicle tracking solution to power a car fleet management software.


Car2Go's car fleet in Montreal was difficult to manage during the city's snow removal operations. The number of vehicles towed was a waste of time and money for the company.

Car2Go owns more than 500 vehicles in Montreal. This large fleet, spread across the city, was difficult to manage during snow removal operations in every borough of the city.

The company did not have the tools to manage its fleet in a simple and efficient way and thus avoid waves of towing.

The immobilized vehicles were no longer in service, which represented a shortfall for the company, in addition to impound fees.



We have developed a web platform working as a car fleet management software that integrates our INFO-Neige MTL solution. The system crosses the city of Montreal's open data with the car2go vehicle tracking solution to anticipate the towing of cars.

This solution takes the form of a website that, through car2go vehicle tracking solution, allows quick identification of cars parked in streets where snow removal operations are planned and alerts the Car2Go team.

The system therefore makes it possible to view the vehicles in real time and to receive notifications related to their parking. This solution is therefore an essential tool that the company can easily integrate into its car fleet management software.

“The Car2Go Snow project is proof that the INFO-Neige solution, which we have developed internally, is able to adapt to different media and needs. Much more than a simple consumer mobile application, it is also an adaptable technology platform that meets the needs of companies impacted economically by snow removal operations.”

Florian Emery
Project Manager
Sidekick Interactive

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