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Anti bullying app to accompany and empower youngsters victim of bullying.


The East of Montreal University Research Center had already developed a Mental health app to help young victims of bullying, but the tool was not intuitive enough or easy to use.

CIUSSS researchers had already developed an anti bullying app to help bullied children and teenagers. The tool seemed particularly suitable for young victims who did not dare to talk to an adult.

However, this anti bullying app was too complicated to use, with heavy forms and a wide range of features that tainted the user experience. In addition, there were many crashes and bugs when browsing the application, a sign of hasty development.



We have developed a brand-new native mental health app that is easier to use. We only kept the key features and implemented push notifications to set reminders and alerts to engage users better.

The application has been developed in line with the objectives set during the co-creation workshop. In addition, features have been reduced to the essentials to make the application more intuitive and effective.

Young people use high-performance mobile applications every day, and we had to offer a tool that lived up to the expectations of this very demanding audience in order to maximize the support the application provides.

The development was done according to the specification document, and the test phase ensured app performance and quality.

Finally, key features have been added to maximize the app efficiency and the user experience.

“The Sidekick team was open and interested in our project and very respectful of our opinions.
They also showed a lot of patience and did not hesitate to explain all the technical aspects that escaped us. Brainstorming together allowed us to go even further!”

Isabelle Ouellet-Morin
Searcher & Professor
University of Montreal

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