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You MaWo

Facial 3D scanner app powered by Occipital’s structure sensor for custom glasses.


The customer wanted to improve its 3D software powered by Occipital’s structure sensor to optimize its custom glasses offer. The tool previously used did not generate directly exploitable 3D files, forcing the production team to adjust the files.

You Mawo used a 3D scanner app to offer its customers a range of custom glasses. This tool allowed opticians to perform a 3D scan of the client’s face.

The file obtained was not directly exploitable and had to be retouched by the production team. The process was slow, which was a significant cost for the company.

The goal was to optimize the productivity of the production team so they did not have to adjust the file produced by the optician.



We have developed a powerful 3D scanner app that works with Occipital’s Structure Sensor. The generated files are now ready to use for the production team.

We have developed a new iPad application to improve the rendering of the existing 3D scanner in order to record the face of each customer in a more relevant way. This provides production teams with a complete, ready-to-use file to optimize their process.

With new algorithms and facial recognition, we have implemented an intelligent alignment system. The app’s superpositioning of photos allows the recognition of eyes, chin and ears. Thus, the final 3D rendering is perfectly aligned and straight.

After this first step, we developed augmented reality in order to animate the customer’s product catalog. Thanks to the camera lens, catalog images come to life as video and eyewear models are modeled in 3D for ever-richer and more immersive online shopping.

“The You MaWo iPad app clearly captures the ease of use of powerful technology tools. With an application, opticians can scan the faces of their customers with ease. The challenge of the application was to provide a simple and powerful use of the 3D Structure Sensor SDK scanner, and I think we did it well!”

Gregory Cerallo

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