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Help visitors of fairs, festivals and congresses organize their visit with a digitized and interactive trade show guide.


The client wanted to offer a simple and interactive tool to exhibitors at events such as trade shows or congresses to facilitate their participation and save time for exhibitors and visitors.

The client specialized in the promotion of exhibitors and kiosk animation during events. He wanted to create an original tool to meet the growing digital demand and thus go even further in the animation and visitor experience.

The aim was to offer a simple and interactive tool, resembling a trade show guide, to facilitate participation and save time for exhibitors and visitors.



We have developed a native event management app that acts as a true digital kiosk to promote exhibitor products and services at events.

The user can consult the kiosks in advance, discover in a single virtual place group offers and discounts, and save favorite exhibitors. This event management application is a real digital transition from the traditional paper trade show guide distributed at the entrance of events.

Wikiki is an essential accessory that allows event visitors to optimize their journey and discover exhibitors.

“A real team of enthusiasts! At each of my visits, the working atmosphere is cool and especially effective to take Wikiki even further!”

Édouard Michel

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