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Métro Newspaper

We display WordPress content in a native mobile app format.


Faced with the Covid-19 crisis and the environmental issue, the Journal Métro had to rethink the format of its paper newspaper.

Journal Métro of MétroMédia is the Montreal newspaper with the most journalists covering local news in the metropolis.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the Métro newspaper was mainly printed and distributed in Montreal public transport. The environmental issue as well as the reality of the crisis meant that this avenue of distribution was not viable, and that the Métro newspaper had to reinvent itself and go through a digital transformation.



We have developed a native application connected to the client's WordPress CMS.

Sidekick collaborated with the client to create native iOS and Android mobile applications that allows readers to consume local news directly on their mobile phone receive alerts.

The application connects directly to the Journal Métro WordPress and interprets the articles to be able to make a native presentation, including social media inserts, for example. 

“Once again, we took on the challenge of developing a native mobile application while adapting and integrating it with the client’s existing tools.”

Liam Coughlin
Software Engineer
Sidekick Interactive

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