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Stress management app designed by doctors, developed by us.


The University Institute in Mental Health had developed a chronic stress management app. This application was too heavy and the user was lost while browsing.

Dr. Pierrich Plusquellec led a first mobile application development project to help manage chronic stress.

The purpose was clear: to create an app to help with anxiety. But the user interface was complex due to the presence of too many features.

The application did not fulfill its primary purpose. Downloads were decreasing and the application was drifting.



We have defined a new version of this stress management app. Together, we reworked the design to make it fun and interactive and thus facilitate its use.

After joint reflection, we decided to go for a new app to help with anxiety adapted to the latest technical requirements.

Step by step, we made the application intuitive and fun. We put in place an effective user experience in order to evoke the daily interest of its users.

The set of functionalities chosen makes of iSMART a complete tool to equip and assist people wishing to manage their chronic stress.

“The working day with the Sidekick team was extremely stimulating. It allowed a great freedom in the creation of ideas, extracting the expertise of each one and juggling with the methods of brainstorming. This demonstrated once again that collective intelligence always generates more results than individual expertise.”

Pierrich Plusquellec
Professor & Searcher
University of Montreal

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