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Interact Mobility

Custom enterprise mobility management tool embedded in Interact workstation software


The company had an enterprise mobility management software for desktop performance tracking for Windows PC, and they wanted to replicate this solution for new mobile smartphone devices, both iOS and Android.

The solution developed by InterAct Software is a mdm app that collects, integrates and analyzes performance, inventory, consumption and usage data for all PC workstations on Interact’s network. However, this solution was not adapted to the new mobile devices, which are more and more present within companies.

This new mobile fleet was therefore not analyzed, and technical failures could not be anticipated on this type of device.



We have developed an enterprise mobility management platform adapted to the technical needs of mobile workstations management. This tool makes it possible to quickly visualize all the data specific to a device and to anticipate potential failures.

We first analyzed the already deployed solution for PC desktop management workstations to understand the initial software build and needs.

The work involved collecting data specifically harvested and adapted to mobile devices. Our team built the complete system, from the server side logic (databases, APIs, data analysis) to the native iOS and Android apps which run on the devices. The apps run in the background in order to regularly collect relevant information. We also developed a web dashboard to view all the collected data in an easy to interpret fashion, with authentication, graphs, maps, and various administration features.

This was a difficult project since moving this solution from PC desktops to mobile devices created a new set of challenges. In particular, we needed to make sure the mdm apps did not use too much battery as they collect and analyse device data in the background, which is not an issue on desktop PCs which are plugged in. We successfully adjusted various algorithms and processes to use very little battery, and still collect relevant information in a way that would not interfere with the user.

“We have developed a real solution, based on an existing but outdated PC workstation software model, for mobile devices. We have developed an internal analysis tool to meet existing technology needs. The teams now have a complete grip on the fleet of mobile devices, to which they did not have access before.”

Alexandre Boyer-Laporte
iOS Developer
Sidekick Interactive

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