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Go Centre-ville

Go Centre-Ville is powered by our Sidekick Tourism product, deployable under 2 weeks. A travel guide app with features such a walking route planner


The city of Gatineau wanted to develop a digital tool to connect the municipality to its inhabitants. The city wanted to both facilitate the daily lives of its inhabitants, and make the city more attractive for tourists and retailers.

The city of Gatineau, the fourth largest city in the province of Quebec, wanted to dynamize numerically by developing a digital tool, in the form of a City tour app, to connect the municipality to its residents to both facilitate their daily lives and make the city more attractive for tourists and retailers.

As the city is constantly evolving, the municipality wanted to be able to modify the content of the application easily and in real time, without having to go through our services.



We have deployed our Sidekick Tourism solution for the city of Gatineau to provide relevant content. Thanks to the CMS, we have made the city autonomous in the management of its content.

The city now has a native travel guide app that offers essential features such as offline browsing and geolocation of points of interest.

The solution also includes an online content manager accessible to the municipality and allowing simple, effective and real-time content modification.

Now the city has an interactive City tour app to highlight its shops and cultural venues to bring more dynamism to its economic downtown.

“The strength of this travel guide app is the dynamism it brings to the economy of downtown Gatineau. It’s a real everyday tool, to be aware of all the events and discounts in the heart of the city.”

Gregory Cerallo
Strategist | Co-fondateur
Sidekick Interactive

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