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Bluetooth Mesh Device Manager

Provision and manage emergency lighting and exit signs using the new Bluetooth Mesh technology.


The client had a tool adapted to Bluetooth Mesh technology to manage emergency lighting. But they didn't have a platform that would allow its customers to use it easily.

The project began with a 3-day co-creation workshop to determine the overall project and define the user experience and interface for the mobile, tablet and web application.

The challenge of this project was to create an application capable of adapting to the Bluetooth Mesh technology implemented as well as to all the tools used by the client, worldwide.

The mobile application had to take into account the regulations of each country in which it would be deployed and adapt to the different product ranges and connectivity on each continent.

End users of the product had different profiles and responsibilities. However, they all had to be able to find what they needed quickly, on the same interface.



We have developed an application with a clear and intuitive interface, using native functionalities of the different mobile OS to make it easy to use.

Users are already familiar with the most famous mobile operating systems (Android & iOS) through the daily use of their smartphone or tablet. That’s why we chose to keep native features so that they can feel familiar with this comprehensive tool.

We developed a mobile and web application respecting different user paths on the same interface. This way everyone – from the lighting installer to the building manager – can use the application to meet their respective objectives.

The application allows to detect the different devices thanks to Bluetooth Mesh technology, to configure them and finally to test them.

Thus, the application can alert the people responsible for the faulty lighting, specifying the nature of the problem and precisely geolocating the device.

All alerts and actions are transcribed through detailed reports generated directly from the mobile application. The tool is therefore a support platform for the management of emergency lighting and exit signals, but also ensures the correct operation of the devices and compliance with regulations through complete automated monitoring.

“Bluetooth Mesh Device Manager App is the perfect example of a revolutionary and highly complex technology, made accessible to everyone through an intuitive digital tool.”

Liam Coughlin
Software Engineer
Sidekick Interactive

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