Looking for Leading Experts in Mobile Apps and Bluetooth Mesh?

jean robert desbiens haddad
Our experience with Sidekick Interactive is very positive. The thinking and design sessions are very fruitful. They have very sharp skills and expertise with all aspects of mobile development. And they are nice people to work with.
Jean-Robert Desbiens-Haddad
K2 Geospatial
It was really refreshing to see how fast a company can respond to changing requirements. Their agility and willingness to work with just a rough outline of where we wanted to go was extremely beneficial to the project and helped us to make sure we were always progressing, even as we had to adapt our approach.
Fabrice Rasoamiaramanana
Dassault Systems
isabelle ouellet morin
The Sidekick team was open and interested in our project and very respectful of our opinions. They also showed a lot of patience and did not hesitate to explain all the technical aspects that escaped us.
Isabelle Ouellet-Morin
University of Montreal

Custom Mobile Applications

We will co-create with you a custom mobile app that can connect to your bluetooth mesh devices and deal with provisioning, configuration, settings, real time alerts, and data analysis.

  • Configure smart systems for buildings, factories, cities or any other bluetooth mesh sensors and networks.
  • Help your team provision devices on the field as they are installing directly on the app.
  • Get push notifications to let you know of any status update on your devices, helping you stay up-to-date.
  • Visualize your data and use the system to create reports, helping you with compliance.

1. Discover & Commission

Commission devices into a bluetooth mesh network using a mobile phone or tablet and our custom mobile app. Sync commissioning data with the backend cloud database.


Use your mobile app to configure bluetooth mesh devices. Create groups, manage your building plans, your users, their permissions, and be on top of all your device settings.

3. Control

Set certain status on all devices or few devices, create and run tests, activate devices, launch firmware updates, and take control of your network of devices.


Get push-notifications sent directly to your phone if any devices have faults or require assistance. Use the app to create reports which can help you be compliant.

Why Work With Us?

Our co-creative approach allows us to give the best for your project. We integrate our know-how in mobile development with your skills on your market.

Our Bluetooth Mesh expertise means that we are already familiar with the issues related to this technology and all the technical aspects involved.

Our team consists of mobile developers and software engineers. We integrate all skills in one place to develop complete projects.

Our internal management process is meticulous. We organize ourselves to deliver all the elements within the time frame determined upstream of the project.

Let's work together to make your Bluetooth Mesh innovation compatible with a mobile app.