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The Benefits of a Custom
App for Your Company

Seemless Order Creation and Management

With a well-designed mobile app, orders can be created and managed quickly and easily, without any mistakes. This will save time and ensure that orders are processed smoothly.

Precise Automatic Measurements

The measurements will be more accurate, faster and more consistent across the company.

Upsell Opportunities

By exposing clients to all possibilities offered to them, you dont solely rely on the skill of the customer representative.

Virtual Try-Ons

With a high-quality virtual try-on, users can try all your frames, even pre-production ideas, which helps with inventory management.

  • Improve your customer experience by engaging them with technological tools like mobile apps that enable them to make better purchasing decisions.
  • Improve your business processes from order creation to delivery with better tools that decrease friction in the order flow.
  • With mobile apps, you can secure both higher basket value, through upsell, and increased repeat purchases, by having a direct to consumer line of contact through push-notifications.

The Sidekick Interactive Difference

Compared to other service providers in this industry, Sidekick Interactive is an agency that is totally agnostic of other tools and creates custom software for your needs. While other vendors try to sell you a product or a licence of their software, we become your externalized app-team, delivering personalized solutions that you own.

Intellectual Property Rights
The IP is yours. Invest in your digital transformation by owning the digital assets that will redefine your brand.
Customized for You
By creating a custom solution to your needs, we eliminate the restrictions that come with pre-existing products. Only with a custom solution can we really match every single need your company has, both on business logic and branding issues.
Partners, Not Order-Takers
As mobile-app thought leaders, we will challenge you and work with you to create a solution that is greater than if we had built it on our own.
We Prioritize You
Our priority is to focus on your appreciation of our services, and to make sure that the project is such a success that you come back for more, instead of focusing on our product.
Proven Track-Record
With 11 years of experience and a proven track-record in the 3D-modelization space, we know exactly what to do for your project to be a success.

You MaWo

iPad App

You MaWo wanted to improve its 3D software powered by Occipital’s structure sensor to optimize its custom glasses offer. The tool previously used did not generate easily exploitable 3D files, forcing the production team to adjust the files.

We have developed a new iPad application to improve the rendering of the existing 3D scanner in order to record the face of each customer in a more relevant way with new algorithms and facial recognition.


iPad App

HP was looking to develop an automated end-to-end solution with modern native mobile tools to print a plantar orthosis with a 3D printer, it takes several resources, including precise measurements of the customer’s foot, as well as the specific foot problems to be solved by the orthosis.

To optimize the tools in the hands of clinicians, we have developed a native iOS mobile application that interfaces with the 3D Structure Sensor scanner from Occipital and with the TrueDepth Sensor from Apple in order to make precise 3D scans of the feet.

The Future of Opticals is Here

3D-scanning technology is revolutionizing the optical industry. By using 3D-scans of customers’ faces, eyewear manufacturers and retailers can now offer bespoke, custom-fitted frames that are guaranteed to fit perfectly. And with mobile apps that allow customers to try on different frames virtually, choosing the right pair of glasses has never been easier.

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