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Sidekick Tourism: Calendar Feature

Be Certain Your Users Never Miss Your Events

To celebrate the welcoming of the 2017 year, Sidekick Interactive is adding a new Calendar functionality to its tourism mobile app development platform "Sidekick Tourism". This functionality will allow you to plan your events in a great calendar on your app. It will be so much easier for your users to know where and when your events are, and they can add them directly to their personal calendars through the app.

Boucherville's 350th Anniversary

The city of Boucherville will be the first to use our Calendar functionality in their brand new app built around their year long celebrations of their 350th anniversary. The event calendar is easily accessible and makes it simple for users to add events to their calendars. Moreover the Anniversary organization can send push notifications to remind users of certain events.

Download Boucherville's 350th app today!