Client : You MaWo


The client had an application used by partner opticians so they could scan customers’ faces and thus be able to offer the You MaWo range of custom-made glasses. The application was not functional and the 3D modelling caused a significant waste of time for the production team, which had to rework the final file.


We co-created a new iPad application. The objective was to perfect the existing 3D scanner in order to record the face of each customer in a more relevant way. This provides the production teams with a complete and ready-to-use file to optimize production time. With new algorithms and facial recognition, we implemented a smart alignment system. Thanks to the superpositioning of the photos, the application is able to recognize the eyes, the chin and the ears of the model. Thus, the final 3D rendering is perfectly aligned and straight. After this first step, we developed augmented reality in order to animate the client’s product catalog. Thanks to the lens of the camera, catalog images come to life as video, and eyeglass models are modeled in 3D for ever-richer and more immersive online shopping.

Strong Points

  • An agile tool that allows you to be closer to customer demand
  • Allows scan management right up to order follow-up
  • Use of SceneKit, an Apple "framework"