Client : Transdev / Limocar


The client wanted to develop a mobile application allowing passengers on its bus line between Montreal and Sherbrooke to be able to book tickets and consult available routes. The project was clear, but the client did not know what path to follow and how to structure their project.

Strong points

We organized a workshop to identify client needs and determine final objectives through a co-working session. Our know-how allowed us, first, to guide the client towards proper working methods, to help the client better understand their ideas, to structure their thought and to create a very detailed plan for the development of the application . Secondly, we co-created the user experience and the user interface of the application with the client.

Through this workshop, the client fully understood the problems of developing an application and the different stages of implementation, which then makes it possible to work together in a clear and totally transparent way.

Points forts

  • Teamwork to structure, organize and fine-tune the project
  • Co-create designs based on each participant’s ideas and goals
  • Strengthen links, communication and understanding for a completely transparent project

The coaching workshop is a co-creation that allows us to go through the entire project, structure it and determine the best way to achieve our goals. Sidekick's experts guided us in our digital strategy, taking into account all factors, to ensure the best user experience for our customers. Around the table, each participant was able to integrate their skills for the benefit of the project and this made it possible to go much further and anticipate potential problems.

Sébastien Boudrias - Director of IT and Telecommunications
Limocar / Transdev