Client : SpinED


A team of ambitious doctors was looking for a fun and interactive way to accompany medical students in the study of the spine. They wanted an alternative learning tool, less cumbersome and more captivating. The objective was clear, and they thought that an app was the way forward, but they did not have the technical skills and knowledge to put together a strong strategy.


We worked hand in hand with the clients to create a strong strategic development plan that accomplished their goals and pushes the limits of what is possible. The app we developed allows the learning of specific cases as well as more general modules. SpinED is a complete tool allowing students to progress and test themselves against the material and others, all in real-time. The interface will allow the user to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses and create a personalized study plan.

Strong Points

  • Develop the solution while respecting the budget and calendar
  • Different versions created to allow continuous adaptation to client’s demands
  • Training of client in the application’s content management system to allow complete client autonomy