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Client : City of Montreal


The City of Montreal was looking for a modern solution to better communicate the snow-removal schedule for streets, a great source of frustration for Montrealers. Also, car tows due to parking restrictions cause large inefficiencies to the flow of the municipal snow removal operation.


Create a mobile app which allows the city to communicate the snow removal status and schedule through their open-data portal, on a street by street basis with a simple color code. Citizens can save targeted street sides to receive notifications, which allows them to plan their parking more efficiently.

Strong Points

  • More than 170,000 downloads
  • Over 30M in-app queries
  • Validating of big need in terms of niche municipal mobile applications


  • Winner of INFO-Neige MTL challenge
  • Finalist of Dans l'oeil de l'AQTR
  • Finalist of the World Smart City Awards 2016 in the Project category

I would like to congratulate Sidekick Interactive for participating throughout the défi Info-Neige process and, more particularly, for having won the jury first prize for its innovative proposition.

Harout Chitilian - Vice President of the Executive Committee, Development Program for the Digital Smart City
City of Montreal
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