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News from June

News from June.

Sidekick Interactive was on site June 1st for the launch of the Château de la Tour d'Aigues app, in Provence, France. The app allows us to showcase our mobile solution guide and how we have been able to enrich the value of this historical heritage site of Provence. The Tourist Office of the Luberon Côté Sud won the Sidekick Challenge earlier this year.

We also launched the Destination Saint-Jérôme application, where we created a solution that highlights rich and varied content for visitors to discover the charms of the city, its ancestral homes, business districts in 4 circuits.

From a more technological aspect, Apple recently announced the upcoming release of the iOS 11 ARKit, which will make it much easier to create augmented reality applications. It will be interesting to see how these new capabilities will help better the user experience.

Several other projects will be unveiled in the coming weeks, stay tuned by confirming your subscription to our newsletter.