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Heritage Software Rebranding

Heritage Software becomes Sidekick Interactive

Why Sidekick Interactive?

We wanted to find a dynamic name to better reflect what we do best: Create mobile solutions that accompany real life. In addition, we create apps that are sidekicks to tourist destinations and to snow-removal. Hence the name Sidekick.

We also wished to define the added value we bring to our products, that is, the engagement and interactivity which are found in all our projects. Hence the adjective Interactive.

The story behind Heritage Software

When we founded our company, in 2011, our goal was to create mobile heritage site guides, as we have done for the Saint-Joseph Oratory. Our name was perfect for this field, but has less of an effect in other spheres or when we were looking for partners and employees, or to present our company to potential clients. We needed to elevate the level of our branding to the quality of our offer.

Our Offer

Sidekick Interactive offers a custom development service in web and mostly native mobile applications:

Our Products

We also offer two out-of-the-box products:

Our Mission

We strive to augment communication between organizations and their users/visitors through new technologies.

Thank you!

Thank you for your business, your attention, your help and your loyalty over the past few years. We are proud to present a new name, a new image, and the new Sidekick Interactive!