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Make sure your digital project is a success

A dynamic conference where 10 years of successes and failures will be shared

Join a unique conference

Become autonomous in launching your digital project

Do you have questions about the development of a digital project?

The presentation is followed by a Q&A to give you the tools to make your project a success.

Learn and share in a personal manner with one of our experts.

How to prepare your project?
The success of a project requires a complete and detailed preparation. We will explain how to develop the specifications of your project which are essential for its success.
Which providers to solicit?
Self-employed, digital agency, internal team... The possibilities are abundant. It's hard to make the right choice without asking the right questions beforehand.
How much does it cost?
Each project is unique and requires a custom assesment. We will give you the tools to be efficient with your service provider and get an accurate quote. . .

Meet us

With almost 10 years of experience in the development of native mobile applications, Sidekick Interactive organizes conferences on the topic “Make sure your digital project is a success”.

Based on our experience and the different projects we have conducted, we have implemented an agile and efficient methodology to help our clients prepare their digital projects. From the clear definition of objectives, through the development of the specifications and the creation of a strategy, we will guide you on the path to success in your digital project.

Listen, exchange, learn

Gregory Cerallo is the president of Sidekick Interactive, a mobile application development agency that he co-founded after completing his business studies at McGill University. With 10 years of experience in mobile strategic consulting, he is also a smart city speaker and mentor of new technology companies.

You're hesitant to get started on a mobile app project?

Some numbers

Mobile apps can be particularly effective tools, but you need to know some of the principles that should be followed without which a mobile app project may be ineffective.

Mobile users spend 87% of their time on mobile apps


The conversion rate on a mobile app is 7 times higher than on a mobile browser

80% of mobile apps are unused after first use

Mobile apps as a work tool

Applications are not only B2C communication tools, they can be used as real technological working tools. Because of their accessibility and modularity, they are the tools of choice in project management and development.

Connected health


3D scans


Integrated management apps

Building industry

They participated in our conferences

The conference with the Sidekick's experts was extremely stimulating. It allowed a great freedom in the creation of ideas, extracting the expertises of each one and juggling with the methods of brainstorming. This demonstrated once again that collective intelligence always generates more results than individual expertise.
Pierrich Plusquellec
Researcher and Professor at the University of Montreal
Sidekick's experts have been able to guide us in our digital strategy, taking into account all factors, to ensure the best user experience for our customers. Everyone was able to integrate their skills for the benefit of the project and this allowed to go really further.

Fichier 7Review1
Sébastien Boudrias
IT and Telecommunications Director Limocar/Transdev
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