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Sidekick Interactive is a young and dynamic company which primarily develops mobile applications (native iOS and Android solutions) for a variety of different clients. We’ve worked on innovative and challenging projects for the City of Montreal, car2go, startups and european clients, to name a few. We also develop 3 in-house projects/solutions.

We are looking for some extra help with the Android work. The ideal candidate is an experienced Android developer who can handle UI, animations, business logic and local databases. Most of the projects we are working on are technically challenging, so you should be comfortable with problem solving, and implementing solid software engineering principles.


Fun friendly team
Flexible hours
Free coffee for super coding
Work on cool new innovative projects


  • Fully program Android applications (UI, animations, business logic, databases).
  • Deploy Android applications to the Google Play Store.
  • Take part in planning, technical discussions, and problem solving. We are looking for someone who can actively contribute to solutions.
  • Take part in UX/UI discussions.
  • Write some documentation.


  • University degree in computer science, software engineering or any related field.
  • At least 1-year experience with native Android development.
  • Strong understanding of Google’s Android Guidelines.
  • Strong knowledge of Java.
  • Strong knowledge of Android Studio.
  • Strong understanding of software engineering principles.
  • Good understanding of relational database modeling.
  • Familiar with using APIs and JSON.
  • Familiar with GIT code repositories.
  • Documenting your work.


  • Good with UX and discussing designs.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration / Delivery / Deployment.
  • Bilingual (French & English).
  • Some knowledge of Machine Learning / AI (completely not necessary short term, but could be interesting for some future projects in the pipeline).
  • Able and willing to learn new technologies. We are a small team, so the more flexible each team member is the easier we can adapt.
  • Good in math.


  • Quick learner.
  • Easy to discuss problems with.
  • Able to validate your own work.
  • Autonomous.
  • Problem solver.
  • Passionate about technologies and keeping up with latest trends.
  • Calm temperament, even in stressful situations.
  • Able to work in a team.
  • Plays Rainbow Six Siege **
  • Is careful about not giving spoilers for shows like Game of Thrones ***

** Not required, but always a plus
*** Absolutely required

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