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Why choose a 3D scan?

More efficiency and precision

Optimization of measurement time

Low costs of use

Why create your app with Sidekick Interactive?

We are specialists in working with the Structure Sensor and it allows us to offer you the best performance possible. Our 3D scan apps are available on iOS and we adapt our services to your needs and app.

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Thanks to the Structure Sensor, the creation of precise and high resolution 3D models is simple and fast. As it is directly integrated in the app, the tool can automatically calculate measures in order to facilitate the work of the professional. The sky is the limit with 3D modeling, with projects in the manufacturing, medical and design fields.



Structure Sensor allows quality digitization in addition to the possibility of taking precise and reliable measurements. We have collaborated with companies specialized in custom-made orthotics and eye glasses.

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Our client relationships require total transparency of the services we offer. We want a real collaborative workflow with your team. We'll provide you with weekly follow-ups and detailed reports.


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