Green Circuits

Client : Vome



Vome, a web solution for student volunteer programs, was looking for an effective way to establish its expertise and convert interested visitors into sales prospects. The ultimate goal was to develop a web platform that allows students to seek opportunities for volunteering while giving their academic institution the ability to track the hours worked by them.


First, we created a promotional website to grab the attention of educational institutions and organizations in order to convert them into users of the platform. For the second part of the project, we created the web platform in the form of a social network that promotes volunteering by seamlessly connecting individuals with organizations. The Vome community allows better communication between schools, organizations and student volunteers.

Strong Points

  • Educational institutions can provide volunteer opportunities for their students and track students' hours and progress
  • Organizations can more easily obtain volunteers while reducing paperwork and bureaucracy
  • Students can easily access a huge bank of volunteer opportunities