Client : iBrace


Our client was looking for a way to easily scan body parts to create personalized orthopedics. Their goal was to find an easier and cheaper alternative to 3D scans than very expensive scan booths, and to share their new tool with their partners. They knew what their end goal was, but weren’t sure of the technological steps to follow in order to reach it.


We worked with the client to identify the best approach to reach their goals, including defining the user-interface and user-experience. We worked with Structure Sensor and created an iOS native app which interfaces with the scanner and its SDK. The client was looking for more than just an app, so we worked with them to develop their back-end all the while giving them valuable technological insight to help them make solid decisions.

Strong Points

  • Agile Method, which suited the client because of a non-predefined project
  • Work with Apple’s SceneKit framework
  • Ability to connect to client’s database and server

The Sidekick Interactive team is very competent, they understood our needs and became trusted partners in our technological development.

Kevin Miron, President
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