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Consultation Service

You have an idea for a mobile application and would like to know more about its feasibility? You’re wondering about the best way to get it on the market and what the best sales strategies would be? Our experience will present you with THE solution to your needs.

We work with start-ups, established businesses and municipalities to develop solid strategic plans. We also work in post-conception by supporting organizations in their audits and analytics as well as in the development of improvement solutions.

Finally, we are experts in user engagement and in the creation of usage patterns through push notifications.

Structure Sensor

We are specialists in working with the Structure Sensor and Structure SDK, created by Occipital. Our team has worked on many projects and created one project from scratch using the Structure Sensor as a tool to create 3D models with an iPad. We also created the back-end to which apps connect. We are able to create and manage locally distributed apps as well as general public apps (on the App Store/Google Play store). The sky is the limit with 3D modelling, with projects in the manufacturing, medical and design field. Our team would love to help your idea become reality.

UX, UI Conception and Design

Although few people are aware of it, behind every functional product offering a fluid and user-friendly experience is hidden a lot of hard work on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Unlike other interactive agencies, we have tasked ourselves with maximizing the use of mobile screens while offering users an optimal experience.

You can have confidence in our team of experts because, at Sidekick Interactive, we offer your users an engaging mobile application that is in perfect symbiosis with your brand image and that rigorously respects the concepts of UX and UI.

Native Mobile Applications

Native applications give access to all available resources in a device. Since the apps are integrated into your mobile’s system, they can interact directly with the telephone or tablet, and do so without going through a web browser. A web application is more limited for the user and for the company since it is restricted by the browser.

And so we have to turn to native applications if we want to convince our customers by proposing something personalized and pleasant to use. Indeed, native apps offer superior performance on the level of graphics and animation, but, even more importantly, they provide for a unique user experience. This tool thus becomes the best and most useful tactic for a successful mobile strategy.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be hard to manage. Our experts can help you develop a smart strategy that will achieve your marketing goals and at the same time allow your users to navigate easily through the application. Our software applications are adapted to allow you to send notifications to your users in order to promote events, new items on your site or any other information likely to interest them. And all this while respecting the law and not bothering your customers with intrusive notifications!

Cloud Computing

Thanks to accommodation in the Microsoft cloud, you will have all the storage space you need. Working with the big cloud suppliers like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure will give you the assurance of a secure environment.

With quality cloud service, you are guaranteed continued service without interruption as well as a robust platform, even in periods of high demand.

If you wish to avoid problems in this area, be informed.




Smart City Expo World Congress Awards

Sidekick Interactive was at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) from the 15th to 17th of November in Barcelona. Gregory Cerallo was invited to discuss mobile app best practices dedicated to visualizing and communicating smart city data. We were also recognized as grand finalists to the SCEWC award for the world's most innovative projects.


Commercial Mission to Stockholm

Sidekick Interactive was chosen by the National Research Council Canada to represent Canada on a commercial mission to Stockholm in the field of innovation and smart cities.


Commercial Mission to Lyon

Sidekick Interactive was chosen by the City of Montreal to represent its dynamic startup ecosystem during the Entretiens Jacques Cartier in Lyon.


Finalist Dans l'Oeil de l'AQTR (Quebec Transport Association)



Grand Winner of the Montreal Info-Snow Challenge

Info-Snow Challenge.


Grand Prix du Tourisme Québécois

Destination Sault - Tourist attractions, Fewer than 25, 000 visitors.


Winner of Concours Québécois en Entrepreneuriat - Division Sud-Ouest de Montréal (Quebec Entrepreneurial Contest-Montreal South-West Division)

Technological and Technical Innovations.